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What impact will plush toys bring to children?

December 14, 2023

Plush toys and other plush things, in fact, can bring children steal fast and a sense of security, comfortable contact, is an important part of children's attachment. We can often see that some children must hold plush toys or cover plush blankets before going to bed at night. If they lose plush toys or cover other quilts of cloth, they will be restless and unable to sleep. Sometimes, we also find that some Dabao always likes to walk around with plush toys in his arms after his younger brother or sister is born, and even if he eats, he doesn't want to let it go. That is because plush toys can make up for children's lack of sense of security to a certain extent. In addition, frequent contact with plush toys, the soft and warm feeling psychologist Eliot believes that contact comfort can promote the development of children's emotional health.
Tactile development
In addition to the sense of security, plush toys and other plush things can promote the development of young children's touch. When a child touches a plush toy with his hand, the tiny fluff touches every inch of cell and nerve on his hand, and the softness brings the child the pleasure of stealing, which is also beneficial to the sensitivity of the child's touch. Because the human neurotactile bodies (tactile receptors) are densely distributed in fingers (the tactile bodies of children's fingers are the most densely distributed, and the density will decrease as they grow older), the other end of the receptor connects the brain, and regular "electrification" helps to improve the brain's cognition and strain to the outside world. This kind of effect actually has the same effect as the baby picking up small beans, but the plush will be more delicate.

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