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How do people make mascot to celebrate the new year

February 28, 2024

How do people make mascot to celebrate the new year?

To celebrate the new year, people often create mascots to infuse new vitality into brand identity, create emotional connections, and reach out to fans. Here are some ways people make mascots for the new year:

Brand Identity Refresh: Mascots can refresh a brand's identity, making it more memorable and emotionally engaging for customers.

Chinese New Year Traditions: During Chinese New Year, people celebrate with mascots like the Dragon, Phoenix, Unicorn, and Dragon Turtle, which are considered lucky symbols.

Creating Memorable Characters: When making a brand mascot, it is essential to create a character that is humorous and memorable to leave a lasting impression on people.

Lunar New Year Symbolism: For the Lunar New Year, specific animals like the rabbit are chosen as mascots to represent the year and its associated symbolism.

In summary, creating mascots for the new year is a common practice that involves infusing vitality into brand identities, celebrating traditions, using mascots in marketing strategies, and leveraging symbolism associated with the new year.

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