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How To Feel The Chinese Traditional Dragon Year

December 12, 2023

Chinese Traditional Dragon Year is coming, you may wonder what we will do to feel the atmosphere of it. Here are our suggestions


Look for traditional Chinese New Year decorations featuring dragons. These can include wall hangings, banners, and posters with dragon motifs.

Traditional Clothing:

Consider purchasing traditional Chinese clothing with dragon embroidery or patterns. This could include items like a qipao or a changshan.

Dragon Artwork:

Find or commission artwork featuring dragons in a traditional Chinese style. This could be a painting, calligraphy, or sculpture.

Dragon Dance Performances:

Attend or organize a dragon dance performance. These are traditional during Chinese New Year celebrations and can bring a festive and cultural element to your event.

Traditional Chinese Cuisine:

Explore traditional Chinese dishes that are associated with good luck and prosperity. Consider including dragon-themed decorations for a festive touch.

Chinese Cultural Events:

Attend local Chinese cultural events or festivals during the Chinese New Year season. These events often feature traditional performances, dragon dances, and other cultural activities.

Dragon-themed Gifts:

Give or receive gifts related to dragons, such as dragon figurines, keychains, or jewelry. These items can serve as symbolic and decorative reminders of the Year of the Dragon.

Educational Activities:

Learn more about Chinese culture, mythology, and symbolism related to dragons. This can include reading traditional stories or exploring historical depictions of dragons in Chinese art.

Visit a Chinese Temple:

Consider visiting a local Chinese temple or cultural center to participate in traditional celebrations or ceremonies associated with the Chinese New Year.

Traditional Chinese Games:

Play traditional Chinese games during your celebrations. This can include activities like mahjong, which is a popular game during Chinese New Year gatherings.

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