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What Should Consider Before Choosing a Custom Plush Keychain?

September 11, 2023

Custom plush keychains are an excellent substitute for thank-you cards and tokens of appreciation, especially if your small business is looking for better reach. A personalized keychain promotes brand identity, creates awareness, and attracts attention. 

However, since most startups don’t know the right resources to order a bulk plush keychain deal, they stick to traditional and old-fashioned plastic keychains. And those who know get easily intimidated by the lengthy processing, international shipping, safety regulations, and overwhelming pricing. 

How does an all-in-one facility with customizable designs, minimum order quantity, standard pricing, and smooth shipping sound? For those who have gone through a bad experience, it does sound like an impossible dream. 

Well, not necessarily. We are here to make this challenging task quite possible for you. Here are the perfect solutions for you to get the best custom plush keychain deals, along with some product suggestions. So, say goodbye to the dull metal keychains and unravel some fun options!

What Makes Custom Plush Keychains Stand Out?

Plush toys used to be the must-have teenage items for all of us, and their internet revival has brought back memories. So, what better way than to have them in your keychains? The plush keychains are making rounds on the internet. This has attracted brands and individuals alike. Here are some reasons for their popularity in the modern digital era. 

Corporate Identity

Every company has a unique corporate identity, and a custom plush keychain is a great way to promote it. Giving a tailored keychain as a free token is a subtle marketing tactic that definitely adds to your brand reach.  

Emotional Worth

Keychains are good. But there is nothing better than a custom keychain that makes you feel nostalgic and takes you back to the memory line. So, giving a personalized keychain to your most beloved people can make you cherish the relationship more. 

High Utility

Apart from emotional value, custom keychains are high-value items. You can opt to add a variety of tools like USB, mini flashlights, bottle openers, and more to your plush keychains. It automatically increases the keychain’s utility.   

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Custom Plush Keychain

Choosing the right custom deal for plush keychains depends on multiple factors, ranging from technology to equipment, pricing, and so on. So, let us check out how you can get your hands on the best deal out there. 

1.Size Options

The standard size for plush toy keychains is between 3 and 5’’. Though most companies offer personalized sizing, you must communicate your desired size with the team beforehand to prevent inconvenience later on. 


The next thing to consider is the raw material. Commonly, cotton, silk, polyester, nylon, and fur are used for plush toys. Some plush keychain manufacturer even offer natural fibers and knitting blends. Whatever material you choose, make sure it is certified by CE and CPC according to EU standards.   

3.Minimum Order Quantity

The next important criterion for signing a custom plush toy keychain is the quantity of the bulk order. Most manufacturers have a minimum criteria of 400-500 pieces per design. So, if you are a small business, it is better to clarify it with the company beforehand. 

4.Product Processing

The plush keychain creation process varies on the basis of custom plush keychain manufacturer and technology. Some companies may include prototypes in the customization deals, while others may not. Hence, it is always better to check in the consultation and their standards of processing before signing any deal. 


When it comes to signing international plush toy keychain deals, price is distributed across categories, including unit production, one-time prototype cost, and shipping cost. Therefore, you must have a clear idea of the cost segments and how they can affect your budget.  

Yangzhou Home Ka Craft Plush Keychains: Are They Worth It?

Yangzhou Home Ka Crafts Co.,Ltd is one of the market-leading OEM plush toy customization suppliers, with an experience of thirteen years. As a professional supplier, we take pride in our research and development team. The factory has its own design department, heat transfer, and silk-screen printing workshop. 

We specialize in manufacturing and international shipping of plush toys, baby toys, pillows, blankets, and slippers, according to EU standards. The raw materials and equipment are tested by CPC and CE. Moreover, everything from fabric material to filling, brand labels, and wholesale quantity is customizable. 

Product Highlights - Custom Plush Keychains You Can Find at Yangzhou Home Ka Ltd

Yangzhou Home Ka Craft Ltd has a wide variety of plush keyboards. Let us check some of them in detail. 

  1. 1.Kawaii Plush Alpaca Custom Toy Keychain

The Alpaca custom toy keychain is by far the most popular customer choice. Following are some characteristics that make it stand out in the crowd. 

●It is best suited for animal fundraisers, children's parties, educational toys, or zoo openings. 

●Its unisex design and rainbow color scheme make it a perfect match for any home decor. 

●The 100% PP cotton and plush fiber give it the correct curled wool textured. 

●Its cute appearance can easily attract your children's attention. 

●The sizing is customizable, and the sample may take two days. 

2.Cartoon Boba Tea Plush Keychain

The cute boba custom plush keychain is a unisex option for new startups to reach coffee enthusiasts. Here are some reasons why. 

●It is a suitable option for new coffee businesses planning for a soft opening. 

●You can also use it for kids' play parties, home decor items, or travel gifts. 

●It uses 100% PP cotton and plush fiber, which makes it extra soft and fluffy. 

●The size is customizable, and the sample may take three to five days. 

3.Cartoon Strawberry Plush Rabbit Bag Keychain

This Naicha multi-purpose cartoon bag keychain is yet another fun option for adding value to the business. And here is what makes it worth it. 

●It offers extra storage to keep essentials like money, earphones, sunglasses, and much more. 

●This keychain is made up of PVC and aluminum, which makes it last longer. Moreover, the soft, plush fiber gives it a cutesy, fluffy outlook. 

●The color, size, and printing are customizable. 

●The sample time for this keychain is around two days. 


Custom plush keychains are definitely a better choice to improve your business reach, especially among youngsters. These keychains help you establish a brand value and promote new launches. 

And if you are still looking for the right place to shop, turn to Yangzhou Home Ka Crafts Co.,Ltd. It has experience, up-to-date equipment, and smooth communication lines, which simplify the entire process for you. So, you no longer have to feel intimidated or stressed out when placing an order for bulk personalized plush toy keychains.

Get in touch now and book a consultation. Once satisfied, you can always upgrade to a deal.  

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