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These young people believe that plush toys also have emotions and lives.

September 01, 2023

These young people believe that plush toys also have emotions and lives.


In the Douban "Plush Toys Have Life" group, some people adopt abandoned dolls and use their spare time to study how to repair them, some people take the dolls to travel, and some people tattoo the patterns of their beloved dolls on themselves. Compared with children, adults The world of the world also needs the company and healing of plush toys.


Half a month ago, 28-year-old Frog Lei "adopted" a plush toy. This is a little bear that has been washed to the point of leaking cotton. After being picked up in the laundry room of a university, a photo was posted on Douban's "Stuffed toys also have life" group. Upon seeing the photo of the little bear, Frog Lei decided to "adopt" it.

The appearance of the little bear rescued by Frog Thunder just after being picked up

Frog Lei paid the postage for the little bear to be sent from other places to Foshan, Guangdong, where he lives. After receiving it, he soaked the wool restoration agent, mixed the hard old cotton with new cotton, scattered it and refilled it, dried it and combed it. It took a lot of work to restore the bear, but it also made it fluffy and soft again.


"(When I received it) the little bear's clothes had been washed and rolled up repeatedly. If the original owner had no affection for it, it would have been thrown away long ago," Frog Lei explained to Liquid Youth his original intention of "adopting" the little bear : "I think this relationship gives it a sense of story and soul, and I actually want to keep this soul."


After the repair, the little bear regained his vitality and was with his good friend IKEA Shark. Speaking of plush toys, people always think of children holding dolls, but Wa Lei treats plush toys with the same love and patience as children: In the "Plush Toys Have Life" group, more than 30,000 members Gather together, in groups such as "What is your IKEA shark doing today" and "Cotton Dolls", there are more adults like Frog and Thunder to exchange ideas on "raising babies".

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