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Home Slipper


Home slipper has a cute and simple shape, and there are many types. According to the season, it can be divided into winter home cotton slippers and summer home cool slippers. Its sole can be a sole made of pvc or it can be made of sponge. The material of the sole of home slippers cute generally has a relatively large friction with the ground to prevent us from slipping in a casual state. The cute plush slippers bring a harmonious and warm atmosphere to our daily life,such as corgi squishmallow slippers. 

Slippers should also be maintained in daily use. Even plush bedroom slippers should not be placed in a humid environment for a long time, but should be kept in a cool and ventilated place. Plush house slippers are basically worn for three days, and the dust should be photographed and dried in the sun. Sun to keep you dry and comfortable. After cleaning the hard summer slippers in autumn, they should be placed in special shoe racks and shoe cabinets to avoid extrusion and deformation. They can be used only after they are taken out in early summer and cleaned a second time in the next summer.If you are interested in plush bedroom slippers, contact us.

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